Sunrise Sunset

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 o'clock on Friday morning, seagulls (who were, I'm convinced, privy to the information that I slept with my balcony doors open to hear the ocean waves) decided to initiate a civil war amongst themselves complete with horrifying battle cries. As I lay there trying to decide if it was worth getting out of bed to close the doors, I realized that the room was gradually getting lighter and lighter. When I went out onto the balcony, the sky was pink and purple and blue - I got to see my sunrise! (also, don't be too jealous, but saw some whales as well)

The concert the night before was disappointing to say the least... We ended up being an unpublicized opening act for a trombone recital. Not to be immodest, but when you are used to playing for packed venues and foreign dignitaries, starting a concert with 5 people in the room can't help but feel like a bit of a let down. By the end of the concert the trombonist's audience was there and seemed to be very receptive to us and Katherine blew them out of the water with her rendition of Glitter and Be Gay.

Wollongong was lovely as a resort town, but we had to push on to Sydney where we did a masterclass for a University Woodwind quintet in this really interesting former church space. After enough of a break to start enjoying the amenities at the InterContinental (!) we played a concert at the Consul General for the United States' house. Other prestigious members of the audience included the Consul General for Korea and his family as well as the playwright Edward Albee. (!!)

Although we were all feeling the fatigue of several performances in a row, it was my favorite performance in terms of my playing because I feel like I got the closest to what Elliott wanted. The only slight fly in the ointment was when the Consul General's cat wandered into the middle of the room during my solo (Fugace.) We weren't formally introduced, but I have decided his name is "Thunder" since he effectively stole my thunder. Mr. Albee, however, was quite taken with him and was seen carrying him around the reception afterward.

As is Trio Chicago and Friends tradition, Elliott and Marlou treated us all to a wrap-party. This one was held on the club floor of the InterContinental where the service was spectacular and the view of the harbor was even better. I will admit to a sense of relief that all the performances were over, but apparently I was too transparent: at breakfast today Kay commented on how happy I looked the night before.