Our concert last night was at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery amidst a 30 year retrospective of the Australian artist G W Bot. "Bot" got her nom de plume from the French phrase for Wombat which is le Grande Wam Bot. It was an interesting show - partially because the work was so varied, and the gallery served it well. Additionally, the acoustics were very flute-friendly so I was happy.

Australia's oldest inland city, we were told Goulburn is also the most intact (mostly because there has been no money to tear things down and build new.) It's a cute town, and we were treated to lovely meat pies for lunch and totally respectable Thai for dinner.

After the concert, a woman who has lived her whole life in Goulburn came up to me and told me about the first time she heard a live orchestra. She said that she was absolutely floored and sat there the whole time with her mouth open. Frankly, I can't remember my first live orchestral experience. It must have been in kindergarten at the latest, because I remember taking field trips to the Symphony as a kid. I was a little jealous that this woman had such a powerful memory and was so affected by the music, but of course the downside is that it happens in places where live music is few and far between.

Today is a very, very full day. Two masterclasses and a concert in fairly rapid succession in Wollongong (pronounced "wool-en-gong" as we keep being chastised about.)