And now a word about toilets

I know those of you who have read about my other trips have been waiting for some commentary on the toilet situation and you know how I hate to disappoint :) Anyway, with the exception of a propensity towards Trumpian oppulence they really are rather unremarkable in the UAE. However, a few notes:

Every hotel room has a bidet. I only start with this observation because several hotel rooms also have what every public bathroom has had which is a hose with a kitchen sink-type sprayer next to the toilet (presumably for bidet-like purposes.) I have to admit, there have been several bathrooms in the States that I would have liked the opportunity to hose down before using so I must say I'm a supporter of this addition to women's restrooms. 

Yesterday there was an entire row of squatty potties at a truck stop. No, I have not been brave enough to use them... We had a long enough drive without me smelling like pee the whole time in the event of a miscalculation. 

So there, my work here on toilets is done. Incidentally, it would be best not to ask about the toilets in Haiti...