In the wake of the Chaminade

I had my Chaminade lesson with Mr. Takahashi today. I knew it would be an experience, and I was warned that it would be intense. After finally figuring out how to work the microphone for my ipod (and remembering to actually do it) I recorded over 2 hours and 40 minutes of lesson today (including all the tone studies but not the stretches). When I came back to Mrs. Ishii's late this afternoon I was just overcome with this simultaneous feeling of fatigue and overload that made me at once want to practice and also never pick up my flute again.

"It was nice but it sounded like Meret instead of Ceclie Chaminade."


I'm not complaining - this is the reason that I'm here. I just didn't expect to not be able to keep a coherent thought in my head afterwards! I don't know how Mr. T does it.

Since practicing was out of the question, I thought that maybe I'd read or something, but 5 o'clock found me in my room at Mrs. Ishii's staring at the wall, listening to the high school boys play baseball and being perfectly content not to think about anything. I finally turned on This American Life and listened to an episode while lying on the bed. That was right up my alley (plus it was nice to hear some pure, unadulterated American English)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the stomach to listen to the recording and actually apply some of the things I was asked to do. But for tonight, I think I'll get ready for bed and that will be fine.