How do you say "I'm stuffed!" in Japanese?

Mrs. Ishii is an excellent cook. She reminds me of a saying that we used to have about my mother though, she only knows how to cook two amounts: for a large army and for a small army. I don't know how such a tiny person can fit so much food into themselves! Finally tonight even she admitted defeat after serving two salmon fillets and a full plate of stir-fry veggies, plus miso soup, plus a bowl of pickled veggies and squid, plus a bowl of brown rice, and optional soybean stalks and pickled something or other. We both left at least half the second piece of salmon on our plates and I struggled to finish the rest!

Mr. Takahashi was so worried that I would get lost coming home today that he gave me a ride. Another flutist who was here a few years ago got lost coming and going and now everyone's super careful to make sure we know how to get to and from the school. After this car ride I made sure to make myself a little map and I think I'll be okay. However, when we got to Mrs. Ishii's the door was locked! I convinced Mr. T to just leave me and that she would be back soon and began to walk up the street to retrace my steps. I got maybe 1 block away when I see Mr. T's car come tooling along beside me - he changed his mind and wanted to take me to a coffee shop! Everyone stared to see this blonde American just jump into this 43 year old Toyota that was stopping traffic!

We had tea together for about a half an hour until we were sure Mrs. Ishii would be back home. This turned out to be one of the best parts of the trip so far, because I got to hear Mr. T reminisce about Marcel Moyse and studying with him. (and also about the sweet tooth the man had! Mr. T once had to spoon 14 spoonfuls of sugar into Moyse's coffee!) He sounded like a man who really enjoyed life - smoking, drinking and sugar. Is there anything else?

As I finish this post and contemplate going to bed I can hear the running water that follows the road outside the house. I'm not sure why it's there, but there are rice paddies nearby, and it is the rainy season so I guess that has something to do with it. Here's some pics from the windows of my room: